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    Agenda for Tuesday 8th March 2011


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    Agenda for Tuesday 8th March 2011 Empty Agenda for Tuesday 8th March 2011

    Post  minnaminna on Thu 03 Mar 2011, 8:22 am

    Meeting Agenda

    Promotions & Publicity
    - Membership card designs (progress),
    - Poster approval
    - Merchandise and other promotional material (bumper stickers, rubber stamps, pens, keyrings, postcards, flyers, tote bags, sticky notes, notepads etc.)
    - Website progress
    - Continuing lecture promotions (who, where, when)
    - Ask Union if we can have desk on Level 3 of Building 1 (Credo are still recruiting)
    - Awaiting Millie So's response, also, can we contact tutors and lecturers for a plug in class? We can handle registrations after class.
    - Vertigo advertising - poster vote

    Launch Party
    - Theme
    - Date

    Web Related
    - Fileserve
    - Re-iterate usage of Forum
    - Forum has polls - will be using polls for further voting

    Executive Committee Team Building Luncheon

    Photo Shoot for website profiles (approved by JD)

    Union Officer
    - Discuss and list things we need clarification for, from the Union.

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    Agenda for Tuesday 8th March 2011 Empty Re: Agenda for Tuesday 8th March 2011

    Post  theresaktran on Sun 06 Mar 2011, 4:25 am

    Yeap, JD has confirmed that he will be able to do Tuesday ! YAY!

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