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    Post  theresaktran on Mon 21 Mar 2011, 1:01 am

    Meeting Agenda
    Date: Tuesday 22nd March, 2010
    Time: Midday
    Location: Level 3, Tower 1. Near the concourse café (essentially where our stall is going to be)

    The Launch Party

    • Design Tickets
    • Order printing for – membership cards, Launch tickets, UTSoc Posters, Launch posters

    Web content manager
    • Design the website
    • Possibly put up photos of the executives, other information and the launch party – doesn’t need to be a fully functioning website at the moment, but as long as it has ‘Coming soon’ and some info atm, that’s fine.

    • Organise a publicity campaign for the event – a weekly plan which everyone can follow, work out what promotional material is needed.
    • Create a facebook event for the Launch Party – when tickets are finished
    • Draft an invitation to e-mail – Maybe by next week

    • Budgets for – posters, the Launch party (work out all the costs involved)

    Union Officers
    • Talk to Jennifer Greathead before 12.30pm
    - Pick up the treasury paperwork
    - Inform of finer details – the date, attendance, times
    - Ask about money for the bar – if she is still willing to provide 65 per cent on if we do free shots
    - Catering – how much would it be if they catered, what are their options – so we can decide if we will provide food instead of them
    - Ask about ticket sales at the union desk
    • Talk to the Loft owner
    - Confirm the date of the party
    - Ask about cheaper Mexican drinks
    - Ask about if he would be providing Sangria, tequila, coronas
    - Ask about how the free shots would work – on a token basis? And how will we be billed for that?
    - Ask about catering – if they provide Mexican food such as nachos, or knows of anyone who does.

    • Work out the finer details of the launch
    - The DJ - our options
    - Decorations - write down what we need
    - Prizes and competition - organise what we want as a competition for best dressed

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